Character: Joshua Augustine

Name: Joshua Augustine

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Traditional vampire

Age: Unknown, but several centuries at least.

Birthdate: He does not care to remember.

Description: About 5’10” and of impressively noble stature both in the way he carries himself and how he speaks. Though not exceptionally muscular, he is toned and strong, lean but not thin. His golden brown hair is shoulder length and always tied back. His features are sharp and hint at him being of Slavic descent, perpetually frozen in a smug expression.

Distinguishing Features: His striking gold eyes, often hidden behind round sunglasses.

Weapons/talents: While he has the standard vampire abilities of heightened senses, speed, and strength, he prefers not to use physical violence. Instead he will charm and debate his way to what he needs, and inflicts more psychological harm than physical wounds.

Personality: Augustine seems to be a typical loner, quiet and distant. He has humor, but often it is quite dark in nature. He is quite sadistic and refuses to forget grudges, even centuries later, taking every opportunity to torture and torment those he believes to have wronged him. 

Quirks: Augustine has some very strong grudge against the van Jarovich family, Sergei in particular. However, he finds great delight in tormenting Strahd, mostly because it is easier to get a rise out of him than it is engaging Sergei. Neither side is quite sure why this feud began, but Augustine is not willing to let it go.

He will never respond to being called “Joshua” and instead goes exclusively by his last name. If he had any friends they would be permitted, on occasion, to call him “August” but he really does not have any friends.

Origin: Antagonist found in Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.


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