Character: Yotaka

Name: Yotaka

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: She insists human.

Age: Well into her 60s or perhaps even older.

Birthdate: December 17th

Description: She is in one word small. At only about five feet tall, probably less, Yotaka is still in good shape, wiry and tough. Her hair has long since turned grey, but was originally a light brown. Her eyes are a cold blue and well lined. At one point in her life she was probably quite an attractive woman with pleasing features, now wrinkled and worn.

Distinguishing Features: Being so small, Yotaka is easily overlooked and tends to startle people.

Weapons/talents: It is rumored that among Yotaka’s abilities is the power to change shape into a hawk, giving her the nickname “Nighthawk” but no one  has ever actually seen this. She is also currently the only one authorized to open the paths to the other worlds from the human world. Nobody gets anywhere without her permission, and she knows immediately when the gate is opened from another side.

Personality: This old teacher knows much much more than she is telling. She keeps to herself, but has a pride that just shows in her posture. She has taken in many orphans over the years and allowed them to live at her temple in exchange for proper behavior, school attendance, and training. She is strict in her discipline and often stern, but sometimes lets it slip just how much she cares about her kids.

Quirks: Yotaka is almost always in possession of a broom, and she knows how to use it as effectively as any weapon. In fact, she prefers to use a simple broom because in her hands, much more than that would be immediately lethal.

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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