Character: TygerShadow

Name: TygerShadow

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Jujinkai “man-beast”

Age: 18 years

Birthdate: August 10th

Build: Standing at 5’8, Tyger’s build is lean, but strong and athletic, every muscle supple, strong, and toned.

Eyes: Violet with slit pupils

Hair: Black streaked violet, thick, long and slightly wavy. It falls in layers to her waist. 

Facial Features: Her skin is a deep, dark black and dark purple stripes adorn her body, running all the way down her back, around her shoulders slightly, tapering off at the front of her abdomen and encircling her legs.
She has features that are smooth and wild. Her face has an almost 1940’s kind of beauty that is sharp and wild. Her eyes are large and nearly Oriental in shape, her cheekbones are promniant and her lips are perfectly cut. 

History: Tyger was marked as an outcast from the moment of her birth because her skin was black and her stripes colored, a bad omen. Thus her parents were banned from having any more children, a great shame that sank their social standing. Because of this they were abusive of their daughter and drove her from their village while she was still a child. 
Forced to live on her own in the wild jungles, Tyger discovered she had a special talent for destruction, and she readily took retribution on her tribe and her parents.
After the tribe discovered the girl was responsible for all their disasters they formed a mob to chase her from their territory. As Ty ran for her life through the wilderness, she stumbled upon an ancient gate that transported her to the human world…
Now she is a permanent resident of Kiro temple, and Kino’s best friend. Poor Kino. 

Personality: Fierce, strong, loyal, passionate, wild, and rude. She has a sinister sense of humor and honesty, and can be very sarcastic. To most she appears shallow, arrogant, and hostile. She certainly can be all those things, but she is also caring and protective, provocative and fun-loving with a newfound appreciation for life. Ty cares deeply about those few close to her. 

Quirks: TygerShadow is an exhibistionist and enjoys wearing any type of clothing that shows off her fine… assets. 
She has a white, barbwire tattoo armband around her upper-right arm, and a white striped black tiger on her left shoulder, around her bellybutton there is a silver crescent moon. 

Origin: Main character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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