Character: Kino Kanan

Name: Kino Kanan

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Half human, half youkai (fire demon)

Age: 16

Birthdate: Unknown

Build: Kino’s build is slim and compact with every muscle finely toned. She stands at what most would call a meager 5 foot 3 inches.

Eyes: A flamey pale orange 

Hair: Dark, crimson red, it goes to about mid-shoulder and is paper straight. 

Facial Features: Her features are sharp and enticing. Kino’s face is heart shaped, with almond eyes framed by red, slender, brows and long, curved lashes. With a pointed and tall nose, pert mouth and cute chin, Kino doesn’t look much like the young woman she is, and more the little girl she never was. 

Weapons/talents: Kino is a simple byproduct of what happens when a demon man falls in love with a human woman. Kino’s mother died giving birth, and her father had been unable to accept that. Not wanting to care for the child that was his dead lover’s he left Kino in a place that she would be safe from humans who feared demons, and demons who hated humans.

Personality: Kino has a fiery appearance but quiet disposition. She is elusive of large crowds or just people in general. She is very much the ‘girl genius’ within the Kiro Temple, and excels in all subjects of study. But if you do manage to get a few words from this redhead, you’ll find she is determined and strong willed, optimistic with a wry sense of humor and, once in a while, impulsive. Kino doesn’t really get angry often, but is always getting embarrassed in some form or another… 

Quirks: Kino is a powerful mage in all aspects, but a rather shabby physical warrior. Her specialty is within all forms of fire magic (including healing), telekinesis, and creating illusions with light and/or shadows. Her powers get the best of her when she feels strong emotions – and is constantly keeping check, though the air always feels a little bit warmer and around her.

Origin: Main character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: Following Tanji, Kino has made her way into Lunacy, where she is much the same as she is in Kiro.

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