Character: Aya

Name: Aya Mizu

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Kitsune (fox demon) of the water element.

Age: Appears to be no more than 14, but he is really over a hundred

Birthdate: May 1st

Build: 5’4″, slightly smallish, as if he were still truly a child, but with muscles that come naturally from living in the Makai forests. 

Eyes: Bright amethyst purple.

Hair: Crimson red and previously long, but since Ran took that style for his own, Aya cut his ponytail off and now has short hair with spiky bangs framing his face. 

Facial Features: Aya has large large eyes, with a tiny button nose, full cheeks, and pert little mouth. He looks almost cherubic, very young and innocent and cute.

History: Like all kitsune boys, Aya was taken from his parents at birth and placed into their special training with another male teacher. However his powers went beyond anything his teacher could handle and Aya set off on his own several years ago to find someone who could help him. 

Personality: Since the ‘split’ of Ran and Aki, Aya has been considerably more stable, but also more bland and flat. He has very few deep emotions and believes himself to be now left with “nothing” of a personality since the other two have gone. 

Quirks: Being a water kitsune, Aya can channel and control water magic like normal kitsunes of his type. He also has the other standard kitsune magics of illusion and seduction, although none of his powers are very strong. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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