Character: Sabirrin

Name: Sabirrin

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Youkai (fire demon) of the Azure Clan

Age: 617 years

Birthdate: Early winter, most likely sometime in December

Build: 6’9″ and lean and slender, very lanky legs, narrow wrists and ankles and almost too long to be normal fingers 

Eyes: Bright blue 

Hair: Brown-red and usually left free to its whims, bangs are swept from left to right most of the time, sometimes in his face. His hair is very thick and soft. 

Facial Features: Sabirrin has a round face with a delicate nose and little mouth. His eyes are very large and expressive, almost always happy though. 

History: Sabirrin’s family was part of a wandering caravan that went all over Makai, offering services in exchange for what they needed. During the event that left his left arm scarred, Sabirrin met Jenii and they became fast friends. 

One day Sabirrin snuck himself off to the human realm and returned with a woman. His wife died giving birth to their child and Sabirrin gave up healing. Sabirrin settled in the northern mountains of his homeland, raising his daughter until she was discovered and banished back to the human realm. 

Personality: Sabirrin is bright and bouncy most of the time, quick to joke and laugh. He’ll flirt with just about anything that moves, and some things that won’t. He’ll get downright silly if he has to to make someone laugh, especially if he’s healing them, he has to put people at ease.

Quirks: Sabirrin is a natural born healer. He can fix just about anything, diagnose any problem from a minor sense off a person. He has a need to help people, if he can’t help he might get depressed and curl up for a day or two until there’s someone he can help to boost him back up.

There’s a scar on his left arm, a band winding around several times down the length of it. He always wears a copper band on his right ankle with a magnetic charm attached to it, for medicinal purposes. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: Sabirrin has invaded Lunacy, tagging along behind Jenii.

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