Character: Ran

Name: Ran Mizu

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Kitsune (fox demon) of the dark element.

Age: The same as Aya, except Aya created him, so a little younger.

Birthdate: He was given his own body on July 30th.

Build: 6’6″, and packed like bricks – okay so he’s not quite that bad, but he borders on it, working to keep his muscles defined and tone them even more. 

Eyes: Dark purple and almost always angry 

Hair: Ran has a darker shade of hair than Aya, a more blood-red. He keeps it in a ponytail like Aya used to and styles his bangs into painful looking spikes. 

Facial Features: Ran’s face is angular and defined, the narrow and deep-set eyes, harsh line of a mouth and angular cheekbones give him a very angry look.

History: Ran was a protection formed by Aya’s mind to deal with the abuse of his teacher. Ran’s personality is everything dark from Aya’s, and then it grew some over the years into a very distinct and separate entity that was then given its own body. 

Personality: Ran is the darker nature that Aya used to have. He loves pain, he gets off on giving and receiving pain. He’s also into killing his victims and then having sex with them some more. He has a fetish for very young girls, but prefers the boys to be older. 

Quirks: Ran doesn’t have water powers like Aya does, he has the power to give anyone who touches him their very deepest most personal dark secret, even if it means bending reality. He has no control over this power, it could erupt and change reality for someone he touched months ago, and in a very twisted way give them what they want. Beyond that he has standard kitsune illusion and seduction powers. He also has two leathery wings, of which Aya previously had one. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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