Character: Seraphim

Name: Seraphim

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Sera is mostly Kouryou, 80% precisely. The rest of her is a genetic conglomeration of nearly every intelligent species in Makai. 

Age: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Build: 5’9 and nicely curved 

Eyes: entirely icy blue and lacking pupils, brighter in the center and fairly reflective 

Hair: long thick and white, thick like cotton and pretty much left free 

Facial Features: Sera’s face is heart shaped and delicate of bone, large eyes, small nose and mouth, very feminine and cute 

History: Sera was genetically engineered by the Onyx, moulding the best parts from all the species in Makai to create her so that she could be bred and create for them an army of perfect fighters. She was bred time and time again, kept underground in solitude. Most of her babies were born dead and or deformed. Some survived the birth, but not much past it, and certainly not past the Onyx getting ahold of these “defect” offspring. She was given one last chance to prove her worth and was sent out to finish the extinction of the original Kouryou race. 

Personality: Sera is rather like a child, insatiably curious, giggly, happy, quite playful. She can have a serious side if absolutely needed, but she prefers to play, especially with babies, she adores babies. She is also rather sensitive, and sometimes gets things confused and can get very upset and will hide. 

Quirks: Sera has a vast array of energies and talents, from ice and fire magic to shifting to various forms. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: Sera wormed her way into the Wolfpack project by falling in love with a werewolf named Danyll and produced three children for the Second Generation.


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