Character: Sabine

Name: Sabine Devereaux

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Human, mostly.

Age: 16 years

Birthdate: December 3rd

Build: Slender and elegant at 5’5″ and not well endowed.

Eyes: Bright blue

Hair: Brown with a reddish tint, very very long 

Facial Features: Sharp and exotic, large eyes with lush lashes, pert little mouth, cute nose, high cheekbones.

History: For whatever reason, Sabine’s father did not stay with her mother, either that or her mother just refused to leave Japan when he returned to France. Except for a few years in the US, she and her father lived in Paris. Only recently her mother passed away and, in some strange sort of grief, her father decided that Sabine should ‘discover’ her mother’s heritage, moving the both of them to Tokyo. 

Personality: Sabine is shy, a nervous and scared girl, too sheltered her entire life. She keeps quiet, works hard to never speak, and tries even harder to keep calm for… dangerous reasons. And although her father would give her anything she wanted, she asks for nothing. 

Quirks: Only child of a fairly well-off business man, Sabine was lavishly educated and is thus considered ‘cultured’. Some might consider her spoiled, given a new car for her 16th birthday, and anything else she wants. She is schooled in dance, piano, violin, and horseback riding. She loves plants of all kinds.

Sabine has always had an ability with plants, not entirely unnatural until recently, at the same time a rather uncontrollable power of telekinesis appeared.

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: In Kiro Crossings, Sabine had a relationship with a demon and produced a son by the name of Remy. She then became the lover of the personification of Famine and adopted a baby girl named Honey.

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