Character: Obsidian

Name: Obsidian Sanguis Moonrise Aratain

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Incubus

Age: Really old.

Birthdate: He doesn’t care anymore.

Build: A nice balance between muscled and lean, very well defined, and quite strong. Obsidian has numerous other tattoos all over his body, all of which are red. The ones covering his back are most intricate and obvious. His wings, when he cares to reveal them, are pure white with the same markings covering the entire inside, and sparse on the outer shell. 

Eyes: pure black, no whites or pupils, from which he gets his name 

Hair: pure white and very long, except for one bright red strand 

Facial Features: A rather cute face with just enough definition to his cheeks, a mouth that smiles easily, a delicate nose, and tapering ears. A the center of his forehead is a tattoo of a red diamond, at the outer edge of his left eye are four claw tattoos, each ear has three claws at the pointed tip and four tattoo pseudo-studs to appear as earrings. Over the right side of his face is a large and intricate tattoo that he prefers to conceal with his hair. 

History: Obsidian will say he’s worked on the Third Level for the last thousand years, give or take a century. He’s very very good at determining someone’s species, even where they’re from and who they’ve been around recently. 

Personality: Obsidian has a dark sense of humor and, being an incubus, an obsession with anything sexual. 

Quirks: When he’s not actively seeking his own pleasure, he enjoys meddling in others relationships, especially when it concerns spicing up the bedroom time, but he isn’t really into jealousies and breaking up couples. He admits to the power of love and doesn’t want to interfere, but swears he will never be chained down by those kinds of bonds. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: In Kiro Crossings, Obsidian fell in love with the Personification of Evil. Through magical means, the pair of them had twin boys Eros and Echo, then a daughter named Ecstasy.

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