Character: Obliette

Name:  Ajenatu Ahazte Eginemekiro, God of Memory, First Class Agent of Reikai

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro, Lunacy

Character Type: Lesser God of Forgetting, a minor god of Ancient Egypt, in the times of the Pharaohs. He had a different name then, but nearly the same general duties. 

Age: Several thousand years

Birthdate: December 3rd

Build: Only 5’10”, but his thinness and overall ‘long’ appearance makes him seem taller. This is also lent by the fact he carries himself proudly when in the company of other beings. Alone is another matter. 

Eyes: Dark gray, hematite color, sometimes blending too well with the pupil and leaving no distinction. They almost always appear either kind and caring or extremely sad. 

Hair: Black, perfectly black and absolutely straight. It falls almost to his waist and is all one length. He usually keeps it back from his face with jeweled or feathered pins or bands. 

Facial features: Slender, almost to the point of being gaunt, but very soft and very pretty

History: Obliette sometimes wishfully tells a tale about how his own god-power turned on him and he became forgotten in his pantheon. So he took a different name and moved on, skimming through the ages taking jobs where a lesser god can find a job, guarding temples and overseeing sacred places, doing things for more powerful gods.
More often than not Obliette plays at being human, here and there, tasting cultures and new times. Currently he’s “employed” by Reikai as a First Class Agent

Personality: Obliette has pride only in the fact he was once of the Egyptian pantheon, held counsel with the great Osiris, conversed daily with the mighty Ra. That is also his sorrow, that it is gone. Forgotten as easily as he can make mortals forget everything. He has come to detest the thing called Forgetting that rests in his hands, because to be remembered is a far greater thing. He’s polite, kind, and quiet, although either repressed or depressed might be a more appropriate term.

Quirks: Obliette has the power to make anyone forget anything, or everything, but he hates this power and thus only uses it when necessary. He can therefore sift thoughts and memories to select those to remove, always at his will, always in control, and also rarely used. He prefers to act human despite his god powers. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: Obliette shows up now and then in Lunacy with much the same duties.

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