Character: LanEise Jun

Name: LanEise Jun

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Koorime (ice demon)

Age: 72 years

Birthdate: December 23rd

Build: Lane is tall and thin, about 5’10”. He looks almost frail his bones are so delicate, but he is otherwise well-muscled and strong. Thin could describe most everything about him. 

Eyes: Ice Blue, large and liquid pretty with graceful white lashes 

Hair: White streaked with strands of the same icy blue of his eyes. Tradition keeps him from cutting his hair short, but he’s always putting it up somehow, so it’s true length is hard to determine, but at the very least to his waist. 

Facial Features: With his large eyes and delicate bone structure, Lane looks pretty. His nose is tall but thin, and his lips though pale stretch into a friendly and pretty smile almost all the time.

History: All Koorime live on a single floating island deep into the Makai Realm. It floats high above the other territories and no one ever enters or leaves. To find a Koorime off their island is very very rare unless they are halfbred outcasts, called Forbidden Children, who don’t happen very often either, or just Outcasts thrown from the island for whatever reason. 

Personality: Lane is overall a friendly guy, he’s not shy, but he is modest, very modest. He tends to be a little distant and quiet, easily pushed around. He is exceptionally subservient to women (Koorime women dominate their society). He doesn’t have a problem with this, he was raised that way and places all women above himself. However, he does have his own personality and he is an individual, and not just a pretty male to keep around to look at. He loves work and is extremely self-sacrificing. 

Quirks: Like all Koorime, Lane’s magic is based around using or channeling ice or cold. He is exceptionally sensitive to heat, can’t handle high temperatures without severe weakening, and generally prefers a cooler surrounding. Most of the best healers in Makai are Koorime.

Lane is still young, but his magic has been honed from infancy. No one is quite sure of Koorime training techniques, but it is rumored the males also go through physical training in case they should ever have to defend the women of their household. It is also rumored that Koorime tears are precious jewels. 

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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