Ficlet: With Cells

Title: With Cells

Focus: Rogziel from Lunacy

Format: 500 word spontaneous ficlet

Prompt: unreturned phone call

Rogziel didn’t much like phones to begin with. It probably didn’t help that he didn’t understand the technology in the least bit. How was it that you could talk into this thing here and have someone hear it a mile away? Or more! Sometimes people called each other around the damn world.

When he had first purchased a truck he had been similarly wary of the technology. That had been easy enough to break down into parts, tear into it and figure out. An engine he could take apart and see how it worked.

When the first phones had come along, Rogziel had tried that same method. He took a phone apart and tried to figure out where the voice went and how the other voice came back. He had never quite gotten that down, but he at least had the wire to blame and eye suspiciously. The voices somehow traveled the wire.

But now the phones didn’t have wires anymore! That was some voodoo shit. Did the voice just fly through the air? And then how did it know which phone to go back to? Voodoo shit.

Apparently it had something to do with cells since they were called cellular phones. That didn’t make any sense to him, it definitely didn’t explain anything. Maybe they were voodoo cells, he really had no idea.

The method of communicating by phone was convenient, that much was true. But when he couldn’t get a hold of the person he needed to talk to and they weren’t calling him back, it was just frustrating. They had said to call them, he had called them, they hadn’t been there and they weren’t calling back. But it was Important. So why hadn’t they been there to take the call if it was so damn important?

That made even less sense than how the damn phones worked.

To Rogziel it was so much simpler. If he wanted to talk to someone and he told them to meet him somewhere, he was there to talk with them. ¬†Why didn’t talking on the phone have the same manners? Was it because it wasn’t exactly real? The voices were just in the air somewhere so they didn’t matter as much?

Rogziel growled and muttered to himself, sitting there and staring at the phone. It wasn’t a phone with a cord either, this was one of those phones with cells that made him so damn nervous.

If it was so important to talk, why not just go over there? That seemed smarter to him, but he was often told that he wasn’t very smart, or at least not very smart in the ways of the civilized world.

It just seemed to him like the civilized world had forgotten about manners in their love of talking through cells.

Well, he hadn’t forgotten about manners. So he got up and left the damn phone with cells there, heading off to go talk face to face instead. That was the polite way to do it.

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