Character: Kesu Hato

Name: Kesu Hato / Sakon Hiroshi / “Silver Dove”

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Kitsune (fox demon)

Age: Physically 17 years, but his spirit is much older

Birthdate: January 25th

Build: Kesu is six feet tall, very lean, almost thin. He moves fluidly, always with grace and poise, very effeminate in appearance.

Eyes: Bright green, sometimes appearing silver.

Hair: White-silver and flowing to his waist. He keeps it free but extremely well-kept. 

Facial Features: Kesu’s eyes dominate his features, large and sweet, but they can just as easily look frighteningly mischievous. His nose and mouth are small, almost “cute”. His eyes very easily show his mood, especially happiness and cunning. 

History: Kesu Hato is not his real name, not even his human name. He was a Kitsune spirit who decided to inhabit a baby before its birth, growing up like a normal boy in a fairly secure environment even though his mother is single and now has two toddlers to care for from a second marriage that very recently fell apart. He loves his mother and siblings very dearly, but won’t talk about either of his mother’s husbands. He also refuses to discuss exactly why he decided to inhabit a mortal body, but will hint that he is a hunted spirit in hiding. He attends school and despite any residue personality of his demon past, strives to be the best son he can. 

Personality: Kesu almost always gives off the aura of being quiet and shy – the pretty scenery bit. He’s polite, speaks softly, and keeps his eyes down most of the time. When being a little bolder he’s considered tender and sweet, but he has a mean streak shown in the shadows, a very quick temper, and the oddest sense of humor. His friends are the closest anyone could be, and his enemies are just as eternal. Kesu has patience and loyalty to spare, even considering he may live for hundreds of years, depending on how long he’s lived so far of course. Even Tanji can’t get that information out of him, maybe he doesn’t know. 

Quirks: Kesu prefers to keep an entirely human appearance, but won’t deny when asked about his true nature. He can alter his appearance from partial fox traits to a full fox boy, and he can create illusions in addition to playing with wind and fog. 

Origin: Main character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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