Character: Damael

Name: Damael

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Youkai (fire demon), a small and outcast sect of the Dragon Clan called Kouryou (literally “dragon which has already ascended to heaven) which are mages of the highest variety and commonly have dragonfeatures, dark skin, and light hair.

Age: Almost 300, but appears to be more like 14 or perhaps 15. 

Birthdate: July 7th

Build: 5’7″ in human and youkai forms, slender but strong, fairly well defined muscles. His human form is fairly average, darker skinned with white hair, but his natural youkai form has nearly black purple skin with aqua scales, sometimes a tail, long claws, and elf-like ears.

Eyes: aqua, darker on the outside and lightening toward the center. black pupils only when in full ningen form 

Hair: long thick and white, he lets it fall however it wants to, really doesn’t pay much attention to it as long as it doesn’t get in his eyes 

Facial Features: delicate features with high cheekbones, a small nose and mouth, and larger than normal ears, even in full human form 

History: Damael led a fairly uneventful life. His family moved from place to place, fleeing the normal persecution his clan suffers, but nothing really horrendous. He considers himself to have had a really decent childhood. His family lived beneath Saitennin for most of his life, and he spent much of his time there, shrouded and observing quietly. Despite Saitennin being a “free town” until recently, his clan is the one exception to the rule, youkai of every clan despise his race, so he kept himself in the shadows and just watched. And he was content with this. He studied, he kept quiet, and he learned. 

Personality: Damael is reserved and quiet, more often an observer than a talker. After centuries of his people being abused and outcasted you’d think he’d be jaded and hateful, but he’s not. He finds fascination in the “world above” and the “worlds beyond” and spends a great deal of time studying them.

Quirks: His clan’s magic is quite powerful, especially in the areas of fire magic and shapeshifting.

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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