Character: Jenii

Name: Jenii

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro, Lunacy

Character Type: Youkai (fire demon) of the Shadow Clan.

Age: 736 years

Birthdate: High summer

Build: 7’2″ and well-muscled, extremely fit for days of battle at a time 

Eyes: Dark, dull red

Hair: Perfectly black, usually not fussed over much (or at all) and therefore sometimes messy, kept back in a braid or ponytail more often than not. When let loose it’s very fine and the entire length is feathered and falls to the middle of his back. 

Facial Features: Not the friendliest looking creature, scarred and angry looking… you just get the impression not to mess with him at first glance. 

History: Typical Shadow Clan upbringing, taken from his mother at birth and placed into training. Fed only blood from a skin until he was old enough to eat solid food (most youkai don’t survive this process, thus weeding out the weak ones) The rest of his young life was combat training, touching into the inherent youkai fire magic and shadow powers, which he developed very strongly. He rose through ranks quickly once placed into the army and became one of the Seven Generals at a very young age, the youngest to ever attain that rank. He’s been a General a long time now, and commands respect from the others. 

Personality: Jenii is silent, seemingly uncaring, cold and distant. You’d almost think he was stupid because he hardly never talks, but he’s not, he’s exceptionally intelligent and has a very strategic mind. He also doesn’t kill indiscriminately, despite being such a fiercely trained warrior. 

Quirks: Jenii has a great affinity for beasts, especially equines. He has one massive black stallion that has been with him for a long time, Nexus, who he treats more like a son than a pet.

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: Jenii is one of my absolute favorite characters, so he finds his way into everything. His long history also provides a lot of room for stories of his own.

Kiro Crossings – Jenii mated the Personification of Pestilence and had his soul modified into that of an immortal so that they could be together forever.

Kiro Second Generation – Jenii and Pestilence produced three daughters: Genesis and younger twins Astra and Nova.

Lunacy – Since Tanji showed up in Lunacy, Jenii had to follow along to protect him. Not a damn thing has changed about Jenii, and he even brought Nexus and Genesis with him.

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