Character: Tanji

Name: Tanji Hisaki

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro, Lunacy

Character Type: Half youkai (fire demon) and half Jujinkai (man-beast) or werewolf.

Age: 16 years, give or take.

Birthdate: He doesn’t really know.

Build: short and wiry, about five feet tall, shorter than Kino. There is the mark of a phoenix upon his back, actually a bonded spirit companion. According to Yotaka, the phoenix is passed down through his Makai side and joined him as a baby. He also has a Jagan (demonic third eye). Besides the phoenix, Tanji has at least six other tattoos which are not visible when he wears his normal clothes. 

Eyes: Red, sometimes orange or yellow, Jagan is golden yellow

Hair: Black, kept in a ponytail, but very pretty if he lets it down 

Facial Features: Tanji has angry eyes, always looks angry even when laughing (which nobody has ever really seen that much of anyway). Smiling and laughing are unheard of expressions rarely found with Tanji. If there is joy to be found, watch for subtle changes in his eyes. When it is said he is smiling, it is only a glitter in his eye. 

History: Tanji is one of Yotaka’s orphans, left at the Temple and raised there his entire life. There is no doubt that neither the demon world or the beast world would accept him, and it’s possible that being the combination of mortal enemies would drive a child insane. Tanji’s manner certainly doesn’t deny that possibility.

Personality: Tanji does his very best to keep quiet because it seems whenever he opens his mouth there’s a fight. He doesn’t purposefully try to cause trouble, it just seems to follow him. He’s always annoying someone, except for Kesu, who has an odd affinity for him. Tanji swings hard and fast between energetic and complete depression, with a constant touch of loony. His emotions are much stronger than a human’s, and they change fast.

Quirks: Besides the bonded phoenix and the Jagan, Tanji is also excellent at fighting both physically and by sword. His true youkai magic has so far been only strong enough to support control of the phoenix, but is now growing to where he can actually use some of that fire magic. His strength and atheleticism matches that of a man-beast while he has the personality quirks of a demon.

Origin: Main character from Kiro no Matsuro. Tanji was originally created for an online roleplay called Quest of the Chosen, which quickly developed a story that became Kiro.

Inspiration: Tanji was inspired rather heavily by Yu Yu Hakusho’s Hiei, with more than a little influence drawn from my Spider Belial and Urotsukidoji’s Amano Jyaku.

Adaptations: Tanji is my heart and soul, my absolute baby. I even named my first dog after him, he is that dear to me. So, naturally, Tanji shows up in everything I do.

Kiro Crossings – Tanji had numerous Crossings lovers including Suishou and the personification of Death. That’s right, Death himself.

Lunacy – Sneaking his way into Lunacy, Tanji was adapted to be half werewolf, or at least they assume he’s half werewolf. Maybe werewolves just don’t know what to call Jujinkai.


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