Character: Thane

Name: Thane Sampson

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: human born werewolf

Age: late 50s

Build: Thane is rather thickset and does his best to keep fit by working out, but he’s also a bit lazy and getting up in years, so he’s no longer as trim as he could be. There are definitely pads of fat on his body and that six-pack is a phrase swiftly being reserved for just the beer in the fridge.

Eyes: Though deep set and hooded by heavy brows, his brown eyes easily show emotions and make it difficult for him to hide what he is feeling.

Hair: His hair is a dark brown, almost black. Despite being very thick, it is very soft. It is also rarely styled and sometimes looks as if he isn’t even bothering to brush it because it tends to be that unruly.

Facial Features: Thane has a somewhat Mediterranean look with slightly olive toned skin, a slightly too large nose, heavy jowls, hooded brow, and generous cheekbones.

History: Thane was born to a gypsy woman named Veryalda Angelove who lived a semi-nomadic and homeless life in San Francisco with her extended family. The group of them earned what money they could doing fortunes or selling trinkets, and also a few things that were less than legal. She knew the man who was his father and gave Thane his last name, but otherwise not asking for anything. When she died in his teen years, his grandparents and the rest of the troupe were there for him until he struck out on his own.

Personality: A very laid back guy who is generally nice to everyone until they prove undeserving of his charity. Thane is the sort of man who would most certainly give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

Though it seems a little contrary to the lazy demeanor, Thane actually has a very strong work ethic. He works as hard as he possibly can so he can be lazy as much as possible later. Thane is particularly good at managing restaurants and has a very successful Chinese place in San Francisco.

Quirks: Thane is reasonably good at playing guitar and will idly strum to clear his head. He is also quite addicted to cigarettes.

Origin: Character from Lunacy, because someone had to be Dean’s daddy.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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