Character: Lahatiel

Name: Lahatiel

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Angel of punishment / Wolf born werewolf

Age: 27

Birthdate: November 23rd (Scorpio cusp)

Build: Lahatiel is tall and lanky, with arms and legs that seem too long. Clothes that are actually long enough are of course far too baggy.

Eyes: Medium shade of brown.

Hair: He keeps his long blonde hair in a ponytail, the bright yellow being streaked with red.

Facial Features:  His features are fairly sharp and well-defined. Even in human form, his ears retain an odd shape. All of this adds up to a look which he calls a “demented elf.”


Personality: Lahatiel is hyper and generally cannot focus his attention on anything for very long. He has excessive amounts of energy and tends to talk very fast and very loudly. He requires constant stimulation or he’ll just drift off after some shiny object. In sum, he is the poster child for Attention Deficit Disorder, only in a grown up body. He loves fast cars. He also has a horrible memory at the best of times, and there are just some things he can’t remember at all.

Lahatiel hasn’t had the best of luck in relationships. He started dating far too young, just messing around with other guys his age. When he caught one boyfriend cheating on him, he experienced something of a mental break and killed him in a jealous rage. He doesn’t ever remember these episodes, and they are always triggered by irrefutable proof that a boyfriend cheating on him.

Quirks: Lahatiel is a wanderer who can’t seem to stay in one place for very long, even if he wanted to. He lives mostly out of his 1981 Corvette, painted yellow with flame decals down the side and over the hood. Though not in pristine condition, he tries to take care of his car.

Origin: Originally created for Falling Toward Heaven, one of the angels of punishment.

Adaptations: As part of Lunacy, Lahatiel was found by Rogziel in his dog kennels, having been wounded by them. Rogzi civilized him somewhat, but eventually Lahatiel took off again and ended up trying to survive in the Kansas City area. He briefly spent time serving in Kushiel’s military unit before being discharged and sent to live with Raphael in Lake Tahoe.

Lunacy Journal:

Well, what to say, what to say? 

I dunno a lot of things about me or my life. I celebrate my birthday on November 23rd cos I was bored one day and read up on the starsigns and astrolnomological crap like that and I just picked a day that seemed to fit. I’m not sure when I was really born, or where, or even who my parents are. 

I do know that I am wolfborn. Rogzi found me as a wolf pup getting tored up by his dogs. Scared of dogs ever since. But Rogzi was brave and probably saved my life. He took me in and taught me a lot of things. 

I like to joke that I hit the age of ten and became more knowledgeable about people than Rogzi, and it’s somewhat true. Not trying to be mean to the guy, but he definitely needs to get out more. 

Me, I get out too much. No matter where I go or how long I’m there, I can’t seem to settle. I can’t seem to find that place to call home. Closest thing I got is my baby, sweet 1981 Chevy Corvette. Spent a lot of money to have him custom painted yellow with flames everywhere. Yeah, flaming car, flaming me. I’m pretty damn flaming all over. 

But yeah I pretty much live in my car, drifting around, finding work where I can, finding fun where I shouldn’t. 

Perhaps it’s a bit of an odd life for a wolfborn were, but I don’t care about being conventional at all. 

So am I really as flaming as I joke I am? Oh yeah, yeah I am. I got this guy I have got such the bad hots for, but he’s not around far too often, and he don’t know. Maybe that’s why I drift so much, get lost in other things so I don’t think about him. 

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