Character: Leliel

Name: Leliel de la Nuit

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Angel of the Night / Human born werewolf

Age: 32

Birthdate: January 25th (Aquarius)

Build: Leliel is tall, 6 foot, and most of that being leg. He has a slender smoothness about him, but he most certainly has muscle definition.

Eyes: While his right eye is a dark shade of midnight blue, his left eye is a brilliant silver, which makes for a striking contrast.

Hair: His waist length hair is black and forms a widow’s peak. He generally keeps it braided or pulled back into a ponytail.

Facial Features: Oval shaped with a tapering, elegant chin, high cheekbones and a delicate nose. His skin is incredibly pale.

History: Leliel is the younger of twins, human born near Paris, France. He spent much of his time as a boy in France, though his parents travelled all over Europe on business. His elder sibling, Lailah, is quite his opposite in many ways. The two of them do not get along well. 

Personality: Leliel can be described as many things. One moment he can be petulant and pouting to get his way, and another be strong and confident and proud of himself. While he can and does get anxious about many things, he knows he is attractive, and has often gotten what he wants through at least his good looks, if not sexual favors. Because of this, others sometimes refer to him as a slut. He also suffers from moments of extreme depression, which swing to normal, then up to times where he experiences the most severe wanderlust. Generally these swings are mild and predictable, and Leliel has developed ways of coping with them.

Quirks: He has many piercings and enjoys wearing mostly black and leather. Leliel is almost always seen wearing a collar of some variety. He has a tattoo of a full moon and two crescents between his shoulderblades, and a rune to signify Kushiel at the small of his back.

Leliel speaks fluent French and smatterings of several other major European languages. However, his many travels and subsequent time in American mean he has lost much of his original accent. It still appears when he is angry or stressed.

Origin: Supporting angel character from Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations:  Lunacy, of course. Leliel briefly appears in Kushiel’s story when they met during his military service, the incident necessitating Leliel’s swift extraction to America, where he came to live with Raphael.

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