Character: Raphael

Name: Raphael Potentate

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Archangel / Human born werewolf

Age: 57

Birthdate: May 29th (Gemini)

Description: Raphael is 6 foot 6 inches, and though all of that was once well-kept muscle, he’s slipped a bit in his aging. So there is a bit of softening to his muscles, a slight pudge to his arms, a bit of a love handle.

Eyes: His pale blue eyes often have a tender or sleepy look to them.

Hair: His long, pale blonde hair is usually left to its own wild devices unless he’s on call, then he’s a bit more professional and ties it back.

History: Raphael went to college in California, he did a full residency in general medicine with another year in surgery. He moved to Lake Tahoe shortly thereafter when he was offered a job at the hospital. For a time he ran his own private practice on the side, until the healthcare system made that nearly impossible. So he returned to the hospital fulltime, but he still makes time to make housecalls for injured pack members.

Personality: Raphael is polite and well-spoken. He speaks fairly softly, but he can raise his voice easily to an authoritative level, which rarely shows panic or fear. He generally keeps a very calm manner even in a crisis situation. Raphael became a doctor for the very cliche reason of wanting to help people. He becomes very uncomfortable when people are hurting and he simply has to do something to help. Raphael also enjoys talking politics and rather boring subjects for hours on end. He requires very little to entertain him.

Quirks: Raphael has a tattoo of a snake winding up a staff on the underside of his left arm. His mark as a healer. He also has an odd glyph on the left side of his chest over his heart, which is the angelic script for “Uriel” his mate.

Special: Although Raphael and Rogziel share the same last name, they are not related. Raphael is very well to do in the community, being a doctor, and can help younger pack members get on their feet. Rogziel sought out the good doctor when he required all those offical things that humans need. Rogziel chose the last name to honor Raphael.

Origin: Main angel character from Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations: Now a main character in Lunacy, not much has changed about Raphael. The healing focused angel has become a doctor, and he’s still the same, tender person.

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