Character: Sachiel

Name: Sachiel

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Angel / Human born werewolf

Age: 29

Birthdate: November 27th (Sagittarius)

Build: Sachiel doesn’t really have much distinguishing about him, except that he is completely and totally plain. Everything about him seems to be fairly average, the perfect balance of everything normal. His skin is fairly pale and dotted with a subtle amount of freckles. Sachiel is tall, but not very so, and rather lean, but he has muscles. He is rather plain and androgynous in all aspects. Sachiel even dresses plainly, in jeans and sweaters that often cover as much skin as possible. His hair is brush and go and he doesn’t fuss about his appearance very much, if at all.

Eyes: Dull gray.

Hair: His dark brown hair isn’t exceptional in any way except for being long and thick, and mostly its just used to cover up his face.

Facial Features: Neither very masculine or at all feminine, very plain.

History: Very little is known about Sachiel before he showed up at Raphael’s one day no more than two years ago. Sachiel often slips that his current name is not his real one, as if this is something he is still getting used to.

Personality: Sachiel is extremely shy, to the point that he often stays in his room for days at a time too scared to speak to anyone. He also embarasses easily, even the slighest mention of anything sexual makes him blush furiously. There are hints of a more confident person beneath all the fear, as if he were someone else merely scared into a shell.

Quirks: Given his talents with computers, rumors have gone around that he got into some legal trouble for hacking and is hiding out at Raphael’s, though he hardly seems like a hardened criminal type anymore, if he ever was one. However, given Raphael’s status in the community and what would be on the line if he was harboring a fugitive of the law, someone surely knows something, and wants Sachiel well-hidden and protected. 

With his plain appearance and speech lacking any sort of accent, Sachiel could have come from anywhere in the English speaking world. The only reason he will talk about his past, is to talk about horses he has trained before, perhaps even when he was very young.  As something of a balance to this rather geeky side, Sachi loves horses. Working with the horses in Raphael’s stables, training trail horses and whatnot is about the only reason he ever leaves his room anymore.

Origin: Supporting character from Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations: Sachiel naturally worked his way into Lunacy with the rest of the angels.

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