Character: Samael

Name: Samael Velespadoni

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Angel of Death / Human born werewolf

Age: 37

Birthdate: April 1st (Aries)

Build: Samael is a good 6’3″ and most of that he manages to keep pretty well toned. His skin is usually tanned, with a somewhat olive cast from his heavy Italian background.

Eyes: A striking gold color and hawklike.

Hair: His black hair has a slight olive cast to it that compliments his skin tone, and styled in a definite throwback to 80s hair bands.

Facial Features: His features are sharp, his grin demonic at best, and rather proud of his strongly Italian appearance.

History: The firstborn in a very large Italian family, Sam was expected to follow after the family tradition and go into law enforcement, and he was most happy to do so. His parents continued having children, trying for a girl, until he had six brothers in total, and they gave up. Sam adores his brothers, and he has a lot of love and respect for his family.

Special: Sam lived his entire life in San Francisco, working his way up the police force until he reached his goal of homicide detective. Due to some differences with people in his department, he was given the choice to quit or to transfer. He finally decided to move, away from his entire large family, just to keep his beloved job.

Personality: Sam somehow manages to blend being cool and collected with an intensity and focus, particularly when working. Generally laid back, he enjoys good food and good wine, and has a need for things being clean and relatively well organized (and nicely decorated). He loves his job as a homicide detective, but he also likes to toe the line of getting away with shit he really shouldn’t.

Quirks: Sam almost always wears fairly nice slacks and silk dress shirts, though he can be caught in jeans on the odd occassion. And even if he isn’t wearing it, The Coat, ie. a black leather trenchcoat, is always with him.

He has a weakness for redheads.

Origin: Supporting character from Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations: Adapted into Lunacy as an Italian homicide detective.

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