Character: Michael

Name: Michael Potentate

Appearances:  Falling Toward HeavenLunacy

Character Type: Archangel / Human born werewolf

Age: 42

Birthdate: July 25th (Leo)

Build: Michael is the same general size and shares many features of Raphael. He is also in better physical shape, but then again, he is also much younger. 

Eyes: A bright blue.

Hair: A rich golden blond and shoulder length, with a slight wave.

Facial Features:

Personality: Michael has a rather strong personality, he is charming and well-spoken and has no problem delivering sermons on any topic – at just about any time or place. He has very strong opinions and often battles with his own pride and stubbornness.

Quirks: Michael is almost always seen wearing clerical clothing and is easily distinguished as a priest when out in public. He always wears a gold cross under his shirt. He attended a private academy for boys and a strict seminary college. He is currently a priest at the largest local Catholic Church.

Origin:  Main angel character from Falling Toward Heaven

Adaptations: Found in Lunacy, retaining the religious overtones, as the younger brother of Raphael. Michael grew up for the most part as an only child since Raphael was off to college by the time Michael was old enough to remember. As such, their parents had a chance to dote on Michael and, being more secure in their jobs, were able to give him a childhood filled with more opportunities and material possessions. As he grew up, it was evident that Michael was a spoiled child, which they attempted to temper with religious teachings. Michael saw how his parents were proud of Raphael struggling and working for what he earned, and he gave his life to the Church in the hope of pleasing them. Once he graduated from seminary, however, he was thrown out into the real world and had quite a few very serious shocks. The hardest of which was remaining celibate, as he has quite a lustful streak.

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