Character: Uriel

Name: Uriel Potentate

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Archangel / Wolfborn werewolf

Age: 30

Birthdate: May 21st (Taurus/Gemini cusp)

Build:  Uriel is only 5 foot 7 inches, but all of that is spunky and energetic. He keeps well in shape through a lot of gardening and always keeping busy.

Hair: Feathered bangs and often braiding frame his rather cute face, sometimes decorated with beads or feathers to further accent his Native American look. His hair is long and quite the envy of many girls.

Eyes: His big brown eyes are very expressionable and he has a difficult time hiding his emotions.

History: No one is quite certain how a 50 something Raphael ended up taking a 20 something guy off of an Indian reservation, or how they even met, but apparently that was how it happened. Uriel left behind his old pack, his family and their lands, and even his old name when he mated Raphael in 2002. He moved into Raphael’s house and has been trying to settle in ever since. However, all of Raphael’s adopted children have not been quite so accepting, and neither has the community at large.

Personality: Uriel is best described as motherly and just about everything he does comes down to that. He is very much a homebody and rarely has anything to do with the outside world. His days are spent cooking, cleaning, making clothes, and gardening. He tends to go to bed early and wake with the sunrise, and every part of his day is filled with activity.

Quirks: Uriel is close to his Native American heritage, and he honors his culture and his upbringing. But he also tends to be very subtle and quiet about it – and that’s about the only thing he’s ever quiet about.

Uriel has a tattoo of vines and leaves on his left ankle. It goes all the way around and covers halfway up his leg. He also has an odd glyph on the left side of his chest over his heart, which is the angelic script for “Raphael.”

Uriel is very good at gardening, cooking, and all sorts of crafts and weaving. He seems to have a talent for predicting the weather, as well as when Raphael is in trouble.

Origin: Originally a main angel character from Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations: Uriel made his way into Lunacy as Raphael’s much younger mate.

Lunacy Journal Entry:

So yeah, I guess I gotta start off with a little something about me, where I’ve come from. 

But I’d really rather not. 

See, I’m here so I can start over, start something new. Not that my life before was bad, it really wasn’t. I grew up on a reservation, had a great family, a great extended pack. Most of the people on the reservation were Werewolves. 

It was a simple life, but not a bad one. I learned how to cook and make clothes, weave blankets, throw pottery, all sorts of very practical crafts. 

But I never really fit in. I was never traditional enough, though I love my traditional upbringing and my entire culture. I see it more as a place to grow from, a rich and fertile soil. And then it came time for me to break out of that warm and comforting place, to stretch toward the sun, take my chances in the wind and rain. 

People might say that coming to live with a man such as Raphael is not very much of a chance at all, but rather a luxurious improvement. I’m not sure about that, but it is definitely different. 

Even though I fell in love with him the moment I first saw him, every day takes work. We have to work on our relationship, and on our own selves. Raphael is such a wonderful man, but he has been through so much. I have been through very little by comparison, though I come from simple upbringing, and what most would consider poor circumstances. 

We need each other, now, in times of painful growth. He has weathered much, and he was beginning to bend to the point of breaking. I have only barely begun to grow, and I need his shelter as much as he needs my support. 

We are very different, Raphael and I, but that is our strength. That is what will take us through these times, through the trials of our second chances.

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