Character: Jophiel

Name: Jophiel Potentate

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Angel of beauty / Human born werewolf

Age: 28

Birthdate: December 25th (Capricorn)

Build: Jophiel is 5 foot 9 and often wears heels to push that up a little further. Despite this rather nice height, Jophiel is very skinny and appears smaller because of that, bordering on breakable level of fragile. Jo dresses either in very professional business suits, or very slutty with tiny shorts and belly revealing shirts – even in winter.

Jophiel is very particular about presentation. Hair and make-up are fussed over, accessories all match, and clothes are stylish and somewhat expensive in taste.


Hair: Jo’s hair is knee length and a lovely chestnut color, and despite bemoaning how awful and time-consuming it is to take care of, he’s too proud of it to cut it all off.

Facial Features:


Personality: Jophiel is something of a two-sided coin at the best of times. The calmer aspect of Jophiel is friendly enough, tends to be more low-key and less chatty, thoughtful, sometimes almost seeming depressed, but is generally fairly normal. Generally. 

The other aspect of Jophiel is a very flirtatious and very straightforward loudmouth who likes to have all sorts of fun (usually of the kinky variety). Jo will straight up ask you if you want to have sex, with no beating around the bush. There is also a very dramatic flair to just about everything Jo does. 

Quirks: Jophiel is a fully functional hermaphrodite. Though very good at sales and fashion, and had attempted to be a model, managers did not much appreciate the extra bits. Jo also has a bit of a drinking problem, which doesn’t help either. 

Origin: Originally the angel of beauty from Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations: Adapted into Lunacy, Jophiel became the adopted child of Raphael, found as an orphan by the pack. While he maintains both sets of internal organs in all forms, he goes externally from male, to both, to female in human, werewolf, and wolf forms respectively.

Lunacy Journal Entry #1 – Sat Jan 12, 2008

I guess the thing you want most is an explanation, right? 

Well, let’s see. The guy I call daddy isn’t my real daddy. I have no idea who my real parents are or where I was born. I was real tiny when the pack found me and gave me to my daddy to raise, so tiny I don’t remember there ever being a time without him. I figure that’s enough to call him daddy as much as I want and not think about it. 

Unlike a lot of other orphans, they did find me early. It was probably a good thing, because I was so young I really don’t see how I could have made it on my own. 

I grew up fairly normal I suppose, if you can call living in a nine bedroom home with a four car garage normal. My daddy was married to a lady named Mary. She died seven years ago, the day before her and daddy’s 30th wedding anniversary. 

Except for the fact they couldn’t have kids, they were perfect. Daddy loved Mary, she loved him, she stayed home and cooked and cleaned while he went to work. You would think that would mean I saw a lot of her, but I really didn’t. Part of it was me being a bad kid, part of it was her own issues. The not having kids thing? Apparently daddy was fine, but it was her that couldn’t have the baby, so she blamed herself and was pretty unhappy all her life. Maybe as a kid I picked up on that, some secret animosity she had toward me, but I like to think she was a nice lady who was just very sad. 

I was off trying to get into a modeling career when Mary killed herself. I still remember daddy’s voice when he called. Modeling hadn’t worked out anyway, so I gave it up and came home. Been home ever since. Managed to get away from this town for three whole years. Though I wouldn’t say they were good years by any stretch of the imagination. 

Daddy got a new mate after two long years of mourning. This one, Uriel, is the cutest boy. He’s real young though, so that stirred up a lot of talk, even more talk than him being a guy. I dunno, I think it’s kinda cute. Uriel has never tried to be more than nice to us kids, he really is a good guy, and daddy needs a good guy. 

We kids, all being orphans, were all a bitch to raise. We all came prepackaged with our issues, things daddy never knew about until later. Well, with my issue, it wasn’t really noticeable until puberty when I started growing breasts. Must’ve been a shocker for him to have his son grow breasts. 

Honestly, it didn’t shock me at all. I had always known I was different, in my own way, I just couldn’t ever figure out exactly why. The fact that I had a penis and boobs by the time I was twelve seemed perfectly natural to me. 

So, if you came here for explanation, I’m sorry, I don’t have one for ya. This is just who I am. 

Daddy named me Jophiel because it means “the beauty of God.” Jophiel is the angel of artists and illumination – like a muse. I like that.

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