Character: Gabriel

Name: Gabriel Mesanjero

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven / Lunacy

Character Type: Archangel / Human born werwolf

Age: 34

Birthdate: June 28th (Cancer)

Build: Gabriel is a little on the short side, but well rounded with plenty of muscle. His legs are obviously dancer’s legs. And he is covered in freckles, so many freckles.

Eyes: His eyes are a strange shade of green.

Hair: His hair is orange-red and full of thick curls that love to escape every direction no matter how hard he tries to tame it. He also has a long tail like trail of hair, much longer than the rest, that seems to float easily to chase after him when he walks.

Facial Features: Gabe has a heart shaped face with full cheeks, a delicate nose, and a pert mouth. And naturally freckles all over.

History: Gabriel grew up in a very tight-knit and traditional pack not far outside of Miami. His family farmed and raised animals and survived mostly on their own, farms passing down family lines as few of them escaped the area and the traditions. But Gabriel did. He rebelled and moved to the city to go to college, and eventually to become a teacher. He taught dance and Spanish for many years before he finally grew restless. Selling his car on a whim, he stuffed all his belongings into a truck, said goodbye to his family, and set off west. By sheer random chance he stopped in Tahoe, and stayed.

Personality: Gabriel is energetic and just plain alive. Bubbly is a good wood to suit him. His optimism and good nature are infectuous, even in the worst situation he believes that the best outcome that can happen, will happen. He is so friendly, so very outgoing and lively, that he can make the most unfriendly people feel as if they are cared about and have a friend. He loves to tell stories, and no matter how boring the story really is, he’ll tell it like it’s the most fascinating thing in the world and he can’t wait to tell it anyway.

Quirks: Gabriel speaks with a very heavy accent and sometimes neglects certain parts of the English language. His Spanish is incredibly fluent and far more comfortable for him no matter how hard he tries. He knows proper English, he just gets too excited to put that knowledge to good use.

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.


Lunacy Journal Entry:

Is kind of scary to pack up and move all the way across the country on a whim. A little more scary than I thought it would be. 

Finally found the place late Friday night after driving around in circles for hours – which is not easy with a trailer, mind you. So naturally missed the deadline for turning in the truck, which means more money I can’t afford. 

The apartment is nice. Friday night I pretty much just threw some blankets on the floor and slept, then madly unpacked the truck on Saturday. Managed to get the truck to the place before noon and explained that I had gotten lost, so they gave me a break on the fee. Got to love sexual charms. 

Is a fairly big place, but I suppose that is what a loft apartment is supposed to be. Loft, studio, whatever they want to call it. It’s all one room, which would make it even worse if I do decide to take dance students and don’t have anywhere else besides my home. Eek, the litigations! 

Well after all day Saturday I move boxes and unpack and move more boxes and unpack some more, Sunday was my day to go explore. I walked around town and up this winding road all the way up until I found an out of the way bar slash cafe thing I was told to go pop my head into. Very cute place. 

Apparently this pack isn’t so traditional as mine, but I introduced myself anyway. Found out some important information too about a hunter in the area. That’s just my luck, just get to town and someone’s out on a killing rampage. 

Anyway, the owner of the place, Roux I think his name was, nice older guy, and wow could he dance after getting a few shots in him. Okay, a lot of shots and half a bottle or so. Must remember to never drink that much again. Ugh, my head hurts. 

But I have the number to the local High School so I can call and see if they might have a teaching position open. At least I can get on the sub list, maybe scare up some interest in dance lessons. 

I kind of want to go walking back up in the woods and hills, but eek, hunter. No thanks, I like my ass in one piece. It just looks better that way.

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