Character: Dharr

Name: Dharr ibn Shaitan

Appearances: Lunacy

Character Type: Djinn or “genie”

Age: Roughly 4,000 years, give or take.

Birthdate: It’s been too long, if he was even born.

Description: His gender is changeable based on the body he creates, though he usually chooses to be a human male. Usually on the slimmer side of athletic with some nice curves. He has no eyes, his eye sockets reveal his true fiery nature beneath. His hair is black, straight, and very long. Generally he prefers typical Arabic features and skintone with pleasing proportions, having learned well over the years what people find attractive.

Distinguishing Features: His eyes are by far the one thing that will get him noticed, so he often wears sunglasses.

Weapons/talents: Beyond the creation of bodies with which to interact in the physical realm, Dharr also has mild telepathic abilities that tend to center around memories and causing visual images. He has picked up many skills over the centuries, but finds dance and sex-related arts to be most intriguing.

Personality: Though almost as variable as fire itself, Dharr is playful most of the time, flirtatious, and generally harmless in his tricks. And thankfully his temper has a very long fuse.

Quirks: Once he creates a body, he is bound to it and has to maintain it as anyone else would. He can exist without his body, but he would probably scare a lot of people.

Origin: Supporting character from Lunacy.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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