Character: Rogziel

Name: Rogziel

Appearances: Falling Toward HeavenLunacy

Character Type: Angel of Punishment / wolf born werewolf

Age: 39

Birthdate: May 1st (Taurus)

Build: Large and well-muscled, at six and a half feet tall he looks as if he works out and does nothing else. His boots and pants are often muddy or covered in mechanical fluids of various natures. Wearing black seems to reduce that a bit, but not much. He wears various piercings as it pleases him, usually several earrings, an eyebrow ring, a labret, and a tongue ring.

Eyes: The same wine-red as his hair, often mistaken for brown. Though his eyes are heavily hooded and often appear dull, he really is not as stupid as he looks.

Hair: His dark, wine-red hair never seems combed and he rarely seems to care about shaving.

Facial Features: Square jaw, hooded brows, a large nose, all of which is covered in stubble and piercings.

History: Rogziel prefers to live in places he has built with his own two hands and can trust, hiding out in the woods for the most part, raising dogs and hunting. He very much keeps to himself and only interacts with society when absolutely necessary.

Personality: Gruff, stoic, and generally not very nice. Rogziel would rather grunt instead of talk. He does not do smalltalk at all. He speaks the exact amount necessary to convey the information needed and no more than that. He is, however, a very reliable worker. Once told to do something, he will put all of his efforts into the task relentlessly until it is completed. This is also a double-edged sword, if he is currently doing a task, he does not switch well to something new. This holds doubly true for conversations, it takes him a long time to switch topics.

Quirks: He is a misogynist, or at least he puts up that front, and he openly expresses his dislike for certain female body parts in particular, sometimes appearing almost scared of them.

Rogziel is very close to his dogs. He breeds rottweilers of high quality and can make a pretty penny selling the registered puppies. They are acclimated to himself and other werewolves.

Origin: Originally created for Falling Toward Heaven.

Adaptations: Like many of the angels, Rogzi found himself reincarnated as a werewolf in Lunacy, with really only minor changes, such as no longer having wings and a flaming whip.


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