Character: Sabiano

Name: Sabiano Velespadoni

Appearances: Lunacy

Character Type: Human born werewolf

Age: 35

Birthdate: November 13th – Scorpio

Build: Athletic and fairly toned.

Eyes: Hazel, toward a green shade.

Hair: Black, kept long and usually loose.

Facial Features: Strongly Italian, but fine boned, with high cheeks, alluring eyes, and a strong Italian nose that isn’t overbearing.

History: Despite his father’s assertion that all of his sons should become police officers, Sabiano took up acting and modeling, using various barista jobs to support himself until he became an established underwear model. When his lover died of AIDs, he moved to Lake Tahoe, following the example of his older brother.

Personality: Acts more extroverted than he really is. Though he loves modeling, sometimes the social requirements are a bit too much for him.

Quirks: Absolutely loves Prince, the color purple, and his Mustang convertible. Has recently discovered a love for cowboys and horses as well, buying a chestnut Friesian mare named Caramel Macchiato.

Origin: Sabiano first appeared in Lunacy as the second son of Bertano and Novianna Velespadoni and younger brother to Samael.

Adaptations: None at this point, he can only be found inside the Lunacy-verse.

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