Character: Aki

Name: Aki Mizu

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Kitsune (fox demon) of the light element.

Age: The same as Aya, except Aya created him, so a little younger.

Birthdate: He was given his own body on July 30th.

Build: 3’2″, just a small, young boy who doesn’t seem to grow any

Eyes: Bright pink-purple.

Hair: Aki has short and fluffy hair that is so very bright pink it burns your eyes to look at it. 

Facial Features: Aki is a cute little boy, perpetually young and almost always happy and smiling 

History: When Aya created Ran, the two of them took the innocent youth Aya had remaining and locked it away in the very deep recesses of Aya’s mind, protecting the good child, the hope of what Aya might have become. There Aki was sheltered by the both of them from all the terrible things that happened. Thus he is innocent and unjaded by the life the other two had to live

Personality: If Ran is all the bad that was in Aya, Aki is all the good. He loves unconditionally, trusts everyone, and is generally a very happy soul. He does tend to get hyper though.

Quirks: Aki doesn’t seem to have very strong magic of any sort, however he has shown signs of a power that rivals and balances Ran’s, meaning it’s possible he could fulfill good and pure wishes, in a manner rather like granting miracles. Rather fitting for having angelic type wings.

Origin: Supporting character from Kiro no Matsuro.

Adaptations: None at this time.


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