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On twitter,  tweeted, “#EachEveryWoman because J.K. Rowling didn’t go by her first name because boys are less likely to buy a book written by a woman.”

Even if this is untrue, it has me thinking. I’m not in a place where I can research to debate or confirm that point, just me in my musing here.


I hate my real name. Not so much the McFarland, but the Naomi part of it. I have always hated my name. Its meaning is lovely, but it does not suit me. And I have been teased incessantly with it.

So as I’m sitting here on the edge of publishing my first novel, what the hell is my brand? What do I want to present to the world. especially now that I am striking out on a path of transitioning from female to male. Or demiguy, as I’ve chosen. That is the ‘gender’ that suits me.

I already have a Facebook page set up as a platform for my publishing, as well as a Google+ page. I’ve spent pretty much all of May preparing these platforms, linking all my social media together, and networking to try and build some buzz about my work as a writer.

I am perfectly comfortable with the internet handle Garnet Belial. However, the last name would turn off many religious people just on first glance. Garnet is a beautiful name and holds meaning for me. The “character” of Garney is something that is a conglomeration of all that I idealize, gender isn’t important.

However, the world is going to be looking at my book covers and judging me – sadly – on the gender I present.

 tweeted, “Because I shouldn’t have to use a male pen name (or just my initials) to get my work published and read.

and we had a conversation about this topic. My initials are NLM, or Nihilim, as Stephanie put it. That is an awesome name. Doesn’t that just sound like a demiguy? I might just have to use that. It’s almost a shame I’m so happy with Garney.

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