Whiteboards Win

boardjune2014Welcome to my plan for June. May was a month where I should have been making my 50,000 word Camp Nano of April into an 80,000 word first draft.

The purple numbers are the remnants of May that I did not finish. Bad me. This kind of thing really grates on my OCD and encourages me to get stuff done. I like a clean whiteboard I can scribble in.

Not having that wordcount done is really going to bother me, so I’ll no doubt keep pecking away at that. As you can see I’ve already finished two days worth of editing. I actually really love editing. Maybe I should do something with that…

Anyway! The red is my plan to edit that number of pages per day of Strahd’s novel, wrap up the publishing process, and cross that threshold for the first time in my life. Exciting stuff.

Also, I really like boards. Shame I don’t have boards to organize my boards. *cough* Don’t judge me!


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