Death of the Third

Ah the death of a computer, always a sad day. This one has been with me just short of four years. I had thought only two, but no, apparently it’s been four years. Time has flown. First my little workhorse, then the big beast, and now the sexy little sleek black one.

Spent all our disposable income on the small hope that this would be fixable and it just wasn’t. Next month should provide $80 disposable, but only $35 in September, all other things staying as they are.

So does this mean months and months of just trying accumulate money until I can afford a new desktop? The idea is so very depressing. Sure I can still sketch, but I was just figuring out a new art style using photoshop and it was coming along great.

I’m not even that upset over the lost files. I saved the most important things, at least I hope, providing the laptop doesn’t die on me completely, which it might. It has been acting like it. Everything from there is going on the flash drive just as soon as it comes in the mail.

What do I do without talking to Holly every day? I love my Holly, and I love roleplaying with her. I’m not sure I can survive without daily roleplaying.

What the hell do I do? The only people I thought to call were Holly and Sylvia. I don’t really know anyone else, at least no one else that would care.

That is just sad.

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