The New Plan

I have been meaning to update this for literally a month. A month! And I keep thinking ‘oh I should do this first’ and then I never do that thing.

But anyway! In those last wee hours of February I decided to set a creative schedule:

Sunday: Transition blog day – Update if nothing else had been updated that week.

Monday: Tribe Comic – Which took the first week to set up was updated twice (late) and is now late again. Argh, I suck at this.

Tuesday: TossShots Photo Blog – Special scheduled posts of things that have meaning to me, or things I’m working on learning, basically a talking post instead of just tossing pictures into the gallery, which happens randomly. But this one I have actually stuck to all month long.

Wednesday: Enbyprise A Gender Journey comic – Much like The Tribe, spent the first week getting set up, then got ‘stuck’ trying to settle into this update schedule.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday – Wherein I bring back something from an older project, such as re-drawing something from Kiro. Basically a free to do what I want sort of day.

Friday: Fount Friday – Yep, I even scheduled a day where I was supposed to update this thing weekly and you can see that never happened. Discipline!

Saturday: Lunacy Graphic Fables – Also hasn’t updated once, but I am still working on getting the site functional and pretty.

And here it is April and Camp Nanowrimo is upon me! I’m going to be finishing up the second half of my draft for Raiyne’s story. Already a day behind, I haven’t written anything yet!

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