NaNoWriMo Excerpt: Shadow

So I’m writing Jenii’s life story for NaNo this year. Happy fun times of a warrior demon trying to stop his people from killing other people. HAPPY FUN TIMES.

He also is NOT TALKING. This excerpt, found on page fifty fucking four is the first time he has talked. Seven whole words. SEVEN WORDS.


“My name… my name is Sabirrin,” the Azure choked out between sobs, trying to distract himself from the pain.

He apparently was not satisfied with Jenii’s grunted response. He reached up with his free hand and touched Jenii’s face to get his attention, his eyes pleading, “What’s your name?”


“Jenii,” Sabirrin smiled, relaxing back against the ground and letting Jenii get back to work on saving his arm. “You are Shadow Clan?”

“Nhn,” Jenii grunted an affirmative noise, trying to break a significantly tangled part of wire with a rather delicate maneuvering of his sword. Unfortunately he just ended up cutting himself on the wire in the process.

“They just jumped me. I was… I was out here looking… that battle a few days ago, thought I heard someone alive.”

What he had heard was probably just a wild animal feeding off the bodies, but it was admirable that he had cared enough to look. Not even Jenii’s superiors had come down to see the battlefield, as far as he knew.

Sabirrin drew in a breath that quickly grew into a whine that made Jenii’s heart ache. He wanted nothing more than to get this man free and back to his camp where it would be safe. Night was falling and they were both vulnerable out there, especially with the two bodies so close and all the blood in the air to attract predators.

“Maybe… maybe I said something that upset them? I’m not sure. Probably. I have been told that I talk too much. Do I talk too much?”

Jenii grunted a helpless noise. The guy did seem to talk a lot, but he did not know the man well enough to say definitively either way.

“We do you warriors a favor and this is how they treat us? It is just terrible… terrible,” Sabirrin cried, wiping his sleeve over his eyes. “Lots of my friends have said we should go north again, go back home, that you Shadows and Dragons will never appreciate what we do, never stop fighting each other.”

“But you… you’re different,” he blinked at Jenii and it took a lot of willpower not to get drawn into that gaze again. “You could just leave me here, let the animals get me. I mean… those guys, were they your friends?”


“Superior officers? Did you disobey them? Are you going to be punished for this?”

All right, maybe he did talk a lot.

“Well, you’re a good fighter. Look at what you did to that guy,” Sabirrin looked sadly at the officer that had broken his back over the rock.

“Fall did most of that,” Jenii excused

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