Character: Gantyr


Name: Gantyr 

Appearances: The Tribe

AKA: Feri calls him Ganty, Feri may die soon. 

Original Clan: The Ice Pass Clan 

Height: 6 ft 3 

Age: 153 seasons (38 years) 

Description: Gantyr is large and very well muscled. His skin is dark with a yellow tint to it. His features are well-defined with prominent cheekbones and a heavy brow that overshadow his dark brown eyes. His nose is long but narrow. His mouth is thin and rarely smiles, framed by a styled goatee. He keeps his long black hair tied back as it is very thin and below waist-length and would be everywhere otherwise. 
Gantyr usually looks angry, his eyes and mouth just lend themselves to that look. His scowl looks downright mean. 
He has a number of scars, especially on his hands, but none that stand out. 

Distinguishing Features: Gantyr’s most distinguishing attribute isn’t seen so much as felt. He has a tendency to unsettle those around him, as if he were dangerous. 

Weapon/talents: Gantyr is good with a spear, but he tends toward heavier weapons. He has a sword and several daggers he’s fashioned out of stone, but large rocks will do in a pinch. He’s also a very good using a kayak. 

Personality: There’s just something unsettling about Gantyr. His eyes can look almost sinister, and the air around him just feels wrong, tense with unexpressed rage. He has a very difficult time expressing any emotions whatsoever, except anger, and he has a very short fuse. 
He says little as a rule and will tend to grunt rather than use words, but he’s not stupid. His mind is especially sharp on hunting and fighting tactics. 

Quirks: Gantyr can completely ignore the cold, but heat gets to him very quickly.

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