Character: Feri

Name: Feri

Appearances: The Tribe

AKA: Featherboy 

Original Clan: The Riverside Clan 

Height: 5 ft 8 

Age: 70 seasons (17 years) 

Description: Feri is a slender little wisp of a boy, but he does have some lean muscles from swimming and running. His hair is a strange metallic silver and his eyes are a clear and bright blue. He keeps the hair on his neck cut short and lets the top flop down over it – except that it usually clumps into rather bristly spikes. 
Feri will find any place to wear a feather. His ears are pierced and he even wears feather earrings. 

Distinguishing Features: His most distinguishing feature is probably his hair, a bright and metallic looking silver. 

Weapon/talents: Anything heavier than a spear is probably too heavy for little Feri. But he is VERY good with a spear, especially at catching fish. He can also sew, cook, tend wounds and manage sicknesses. 

Personality: Feri is quite the independent and energetic little thing. He knows what he’s good at and he’s not afraid to say so. In fact he’s not afraid to say much of anything at all. It’s very difficult to get him to shut up. He can be very practical when needed, but he has a fun-loving and almost childish side that tends to be shown the most – or at least the loudest. 
Feri loves the water and was raised to respect the spirits of the river. His mother was the daughter of a Shaman, so he was raised in an atmosphere with a very spiritual emphasis. 

Quirks: Feri loves feathers. Feri collects feathers. Feri has a cloak of nothing but feathers. Obsessed? Definitely.

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