Character: Ilian

Name: Ilian 

Appearances: The Tribe

AKA: Ian, Illy, his antics also gave him the nickname “Loki” in his original tribe 

Original Clan: The Forest Isle Clan 

Height: 6 ft 

Age: 104 seasons (26 years) 

Description: Ilian is slender, but very tall and long-legged. He has more muscles than one would think given his build. His hair is thick and bright red. He keeps one long strand on the left side braided at all times, but lets the rest loose to flop over the right side. He paints over the left side of his face. His eyes are grass green and show emotion easily. 

Weapon/talents: Ilian has a saying that “spears are boring.” He prefers unusual weapons, most of which he invents. He’s particularly fond of a little weapon he calls a swingabout, which is rather like a boomarang. Sometimes the things he makes don’t quite work the first few times, but he eventually perfects them. 

Personality: Devious, insane, mischeivous, and curious, Ilian loves to have fun and he’s quick to laugh. He also loves making things such as various traps and weapons. He’s a good wood-worker, and fairly intelligent. He’s just handicapped by being a tad crazy. Sometimes, he’ll get so wrapped up in a project that he’ll forget the rest of the world for days at a time. 

Quirks: Did we mention insane? He also believes that he is haunted by the ghosts of his family, especially the ghost of his father, who he was very close to. He also talks with a very heavy accent.

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