Character: Han

Name: Han

Appearances: The Tribe

Original Clan:  Fishers of the Big Water

Height:  5 ft 9

Age:  89 seasons (22 years)

Description:  Han is on the stocky side of athletic, sometimes not quite as well muscled as he could be since he tends to work as little as possible. His skin is tinted slightly yellowish, and whatever facial and body hair he manages to grow – which isn’t much – is pure black. His eyes are deep brown, slightly slanted, and lidless.

Distinguishing Features: Han is usually the only one taking a break, lounging around, or just goofing off while the others are hard at work.

Weapon/talents: Not good at much of anything, not even the traditional fishing of his people. One wonders why Gantyr kept him around if the guy wasn’t going to be useful.

Personality: Though playful and lighthearted, Han tends to be cast as lazy because he lives from a philosophy of only doing as much as necessary, saving as much energy as possible. He would be charming if he wasn’t so immature.

Quirks: Han is ridiculously, dangerously curious.

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