Character: Marika

Name: Marika

Appearances: The Tribe

Original Clan:  People of the Horse

Height:  5 ft 7

Age:  78 seasons (19 years)

Description:  Marika is a big boned girl with plenty of fat, wide hips, and ample breasts. Her heart shaped face blushes easily and is covered in freckles, framed by tightly curled auburn hair. Her skin is pale, but tans rather than burns.

Distinguishing Features: Despite the size of her bosom, she tends to go topless or drapes one of her many skirts over her shoulders instead.

Weapon/talents: Marika is quite good with a rope, particularly when catching wild animals. She has also spent her life around sheep, goats, and horses and knows how to handle livestock.

Personality: Though there is a sweet side to her, she keeps herself well guarded now, either with a stoic front or her quick temper. Her wild spirit was broken somewhat by the massacre of her people and what the attacking tribe did to her personally.

Quirks: Very quick to anger, particularly by men. She tends to trust women only slightly better.


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