Character: Strahd van Jarovich

Name: Strahd van Jarovich

Appearances: The Whole of a Man, Kiro no Matsuro, Lunacy

Character Type: Immortal

Age: 16 centuries

Birthdate: February 7th, 405 (Aquarius)

Description: Strahd is tall with broad shoulders and a well-muscled build. He’s not exceptionally muscular, but nicely toned from plenty of exercise and training. His eyes are a steel color of grey, which he calls dull. His hair is brown and straight, kept long and usually tied in a loose ponytail. Strahd has a very masculine, aristocratic face. His jaw is heavy and his cheekbones are well-defined and set high. His eyes are sharp and not overly hooded. His nose is long, but not overly thick or thin.

Distinguishing Features: His most recognizable feature is just how broad his shoulders are, almost out of proportion even though he is a fairly big guy.

Weapons/talents: Strahd is trained primarily in swordsmanship, though he has taught himself various other weapons as well. He is also an excellent horseman, hunter, and strategist. Though he has no control over it, sometimes animals speak to him, particularly animals he has spent a great deal of time with.

Personality: Strahd is generally laid back, calm, and easy to talk to. He finds humor necessary to cope with all he has been through, though he tends to make dry jokes and sarcastic remarks. Even in very serious situations he relaxes using humor, even if it is dark in nature.

Quirks: Strahd either wears or keeps a crystal container of ashes that belong to a man he killed long ago.

Origin: Main character of an original story written in 1992 called “The Kiss of the van Jarovich Coven.”

Inspiration: Mainly drawn from P.N. Elrod’s novel I, Strahd along with plenty of influence from Anne Rice’s Lestat. Originally Strahd and his brothers were pure vampires, despite being ‘naturally’ made. This just meant that they were created via magical spell, rather than by being bitten. They still behaved exactly like cliche vampires.

Rewrite: Strahd’s novel was rewritten for NaNoWriMo in 2008 where the vampire points were de-emphasized and the story became more the historical fiction it was meant to be, with merely a touch of the fantasy aspect, called “The Whole of a Man.”

Adaptations: Strahd has appeared in numerous other projects over the years.

Kiro no Matsuro – Since Kiro is set far in the future from Strahd’s original story, the Kiro version of Strahd is actually himself with no other change than what would be expected from living that long and adapting to the modern world. Thus far he has no real purpose in the story except to provide exposition for one of the antagonists.

Lunacy – Strahd keeps trying to pop his head up because he’s a stubborn bastard who loves to be the center of attention. Again, these events are quite a bit past Kiro, so nothing much about him is changed.


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