Character: Sebastian van Jarovich

Name: Sebastian van Jarovich

Appearances: The Whole of a Man, Kiro no MatsuroLunacy

Character Type: Immortal

Age: 16 centuries

Birthdate: February 14th, 408 

Description: Small and slender, very child-like in appearance. He has the same steel grey eyes as Strahd and plain brown hair, cut short or in a very small ponytail. He has a round, childlike face and expressive eyes.

Distinguishing Features: Since he became immortal during his early teen years, Sebastian appears perpetually young.

Weapons/talents: From a young age, Sebastian studied all manner of magic he could get his hands on and skipped out on all the weapons training. He loves figuring out a mystery.

Personality: Sebastian acts very much like an impulsive child with a very short attention span – even though he can spend hours studying subjects that interest him. He gets very easily worked up and excited, but his energy does eventually run out and he crashes into sleep with little warning.

Quirks: He just can’t leave well enough alone, he has to dive in head first, as if he has something to prove by being the youngest, or that he has to live up to Strahd’s example somehow.

Origin: Supporting character of an original story written in 1992 called “The Kiss of the van Jarovich Coven.”

Inspiration: Likely drawn from the work of P.N. Elrod or Anne Rice. Originally Strahd and his brothers were pure vampires, despite being ‘naturally’ made. This just meant that they were created via magical spell, rather than by being bitten. They still behaved exactly like cliche vampires.

Rewrite: Strahd’s novel was rewritten for NaNoWriMo in 2008 where the vampire points were de-emphasized and the story became more the historical fiction it was meant to be, with merely a touch of the fantasy aspect, called “The Whole of a Man.”

Adaptations: Sebastian generally appears, or is at least mentioned, wherever Strahd makes an appearance.





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