Character: Augustin

Name: Augustin

Appearances: The Whole of a Man

Character Type: Immortal

Age: 16 centuries

Birthdate: April 1st (Aries) 

Description: Slender, but very well toned and quite strong despite his small size and stature. His eyes are extremely light blue, his hair red and mostly straight. He has a heart shaped face of delicate bone with a small upturned nose and a dusting of light freckles.

Distinguishing Features: Strahd would definitely say his hair, though most people notice his eyes first.

Weapons/talents: Augustin is an extremely proficient fighter with a variety of weapons including the sword, bow, dagger, and crossbow. He is also an extremely accomplished horseman.

Personality: Best described as quirky, Augustin likes to think of himself as completely normal, with nothing unusual about him in any way. He is rather grounded and down to earth, preferring to think things through, usually with a flair of humor.

Quirks: Everything. Augustin is one quirk after another, but the biggest of which is he doesn’t notice any of them.

Origin: Supporting character of an original story written in 1992 called “The Kiss of the van Jarovich Coven.”

Inspiration: Augustin is a watered down version of Sergei and was meant as little more than a love interest who was going to die, but Strahd wouldn’t let him. And Strahd always gets his way. 


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