Character: Leorah Kardelen

Name: Leorah Kardelen

Appearances: Linked

Character Type: Human mage

Age: 25 years

Description: Leorah has a pleasing face, expressive blue eyes, and long brown hair with a slight curl to it. She might be considered by some to be slightly overweight, but she keeps herself healthy.

Distinguishing Features: She is very good at blending in and not being noticed.

Weapons/talents: Leorah is very against violence, but because she reads a great deal of non-fiction joke as well as fiction, she has a lot of information about various things. She is also quite good with plants.

Personality:  Leorah is very quiet and polite. She has a strong work ethic and spends most of her time either working or reading. She is a solitary practictioner of magic, a strong believer in Wicca, and overall just solitary in her lifestyle.

Quirks: She would much rather spend an afternoon with a good book than just about anything else.

Origin: A mage of the Verbena tradition, used in Mage: The Ascension roleplay.

Inspiration: Leorah is basically myself, my real personality at the time she was created, using the Mage: The Ascension character creation process.

Rewrite: For my Nano projects in 2013 I began the process of bringing back my mages as original entities of their own instead of the heavy ties to White Wolf and Mage: The Ascension.

Adaptations: None at this time.



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