Character: Raven Starkweather

Name: Raven Starkweather

Appearances: Linked

Character Type: Human mage

Age: 24 years

Description: Lithe and wiry, but in shape, with a top of platinum hair that usually appears to be nicely uncombed, or at least rather misbehaved. 

Distinguishing Features: Raven can pull off the unassuming ‘nerd’ look quite well.

Weapons/talents: Raven is the epitamy of everything his Tradition is, a Web-runner, a gear toting computer geek, but with a good measure of street sense and real world experience.

Personality: Curious and impatient, usually likes to stand on his own, doesn’t bother with relying on others, and trusting is often a stretch. 

Quirks: Energy drinks, talking to himself, and 80s pop music.

Origin: A mage of the Virtual Adept tradition, used in Mage: The Ascension roleplay.

Inspiration: Originally a character belonging to my roleplay partner, Raven is getting a makeover in the rewrite.

Rewrite: For my Nano projects in 2013 I began the process of bringing back my mages as original entities of their own instead of the heavy ties to White Wolf and Mage: The Ascension.

Adaptations: None at this time.


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