Character: Lydia Snowe

Name: Lydia Snowe

Appearances: LinkedLunacy

Character Type: Human mage

Age: 23 years

Description: Compact little form, somewhat on the more stocky and muscular side, very well toned and in shape. Long black hair is usually kept back and out of the way.

Distinguishing Features: Lydia loves to wear leather and take on the bad girl look.

Weapons/talents: As most of her Tradition are likely to be, Lydia is a computer freak. Most of her time is spent in Virtual Reality, running errands and doing odd jobs for other people, usually spying, gathering information and the like. She’s well in tune with her Avatar and has apparently been Awakened and aware of her gifts for a long while.

Personality: Beneath that iron-clad bitch personality is… well… another few layers of just plain bitch. Lydia rarely lets anyone see her good side, if the has one. She is fiercely loyal and quick to anger.

Quirks: Lydia is quite attached to her friend Rachael, though neither of them really know how to define their relationship.

Origin: A mage of the Virtual Adept tradition, used in Mage: The Ascension roleplay.

Inspiration: Originally, and this is embarrassing, Lydia was the sister of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. Shut up, I hear you laughing! Yes, she was a Mary Sue, but I rescued her!

Rewrite: For my Nano projects in 2013 I began the process of bringing back my mages as original entities of their own instead of the heavy ties to White Wolf and Mage: The Ascension.

Adaptations: Lydia has shown up in Lake Tahoe in the midst of the Lunacy happenings, still up to her same tricks.


Lydia Valentine, July 14th 2001

Lydia Valentine, July 14th 2001


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