Character: Rachael Fiari

Name: Rachael Fiari / Verdena Xanthe

Appearances: LinkedLunacy

Character Type: Seelie Fae

Age: 22 years

Description: Rachael has long, light brown to dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is petite, not exceptionally thin, but she can wear pretty much whatever she wants to.

Distinguishing Features: She will stop to help anyone and everyone. She is that person holding open the door for the next forty people even though she is late, the one helping even the most suspicious looking guy carry his groceries inside, and she always gives to homeless people.

Weapons/talents: Rachael went to nursing school and is fairly good. Plus she has a never ending supply of optimism.

Personality: Sweet and caring, Rachael trusts everyone and believes that all people are essentially good, despite the fact that her roommate-best friend-lover is basically a hired gun who does illegal things to support the both of them.

Quirks: Rachael is quite dependent on Lydia. Beneath the dominant personality of Rachael is a much wilder persona who calls herself Verdena Xanthe.

Origin: A roleplaying character from Changeling: The Dreaming.

Inspiration: A whole lot of really sexy looking Boris Vallejo pictures, the fact that Lydia needed a companion, and a burning need to make a Fae character.

Rewrite: For my Nano projects in 2013 I began the process of bringing back Rachael as an original entity of her own instead of the heavy ties to White Wolf and Changeling: The Dreaming.

Adaptations: Rachael has shown up in Lake Tahoe in the midst of the Lunacy happenings, taking up a job at the local werewolf run medical clinic as a nurse.


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