Character: Raze

Name: Raze

Appearances: Kiro no MatsuroLunacy

Character Type: Inujin (dog demon) / wolf-born werewolf

Age: late 30s to early 40s

Birthdate: unknown

Description: Raze is very large and extremely well muscled. He has dark green, deep-set eyes that are overshadowed by a heavy brow and often difficult to read. His hair is black, kinked, and paid little attention. His strongly masculine features are dominated by a large nose and heavy jaw. He is generally not clean shaven, but he doesn’t let too much of a beard grow.

Distinguishing Features: Raze has absolutely no piercings or tattoos, and he prefers to wear as little clothing as possible. Not only that, he generally prefers to be as close to his natural form as possible, fur and all.

Weapons/talents: Though he prefers not to fight, Raze is exceptionally strong and can easily hurt someone without meaning to.

Personality: Raze is a very simple creature. He likes very simple things, and usually a partner who is much younger than himself. His mental age is nearer to that of a child than an adult. He still finds the world curious, amazing, and just a little bit scary sometimes.

Quirks: Despite his hulking size and often disgruntled appearance, Raze is extremely gentle and believes strongly in violence only as a last resort.

Origin: Kiro no Matsuro, a dog demon from the demon world of Makai.

Inspiration: Raze is heavily inspired by Kevin Greivoux’s Underworld character of the same name, at least in appearance, his personality is much different.

Adaptations: Raze is a favorite of mine and has appeared in many projects.

Wolfpack – From the Kiro Crossings universe, not much changed about Raze. He partnered with a young First Realm werewolf named Jenner. Nothing was changed about him.

Lunacy – Raze was used as a pawn of a Lunacy villain, but became key in shutting down his plans. In this world he is a werewolf who lived mostly wild around the Lake Tahoe area, his appearance is much the same, and his personality is even more childlike. 

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