Character: Garney

Garney / Garney Belial

Okay, not so much a character as a persona, and not to be confused with the demon Garnet Belial from Falling Toward Heaven. Garney is the name I use on the internet, a familiarization of the word ‘garnet’ and my mother’s birthstone.

Description: Basically an anthropomorphism of a rapidash pokemon. I believe there is a Japanese word precisely for such things, but it escapes me. Flame colored hair, pointed elf-like ears, red eyes, white fur bodysuit, flame tipped tail, cloven and feathered hooves, and a unicorn horn.

Origin: Back in the day when the internet was young, I actually went by the name Draco Belial and pretended to be a man in order to further protect myself. Gradually I became more confident and took on the role of Garnet Belial. Over the years I had to differentiate myself from the actual novel character, and thus my persona was born.

Inspiration: I am a Sagittarius who was born in the year of the horse, you can’t get much more equine than that. Unicorns in particular are symbols of strength, purity of spirit, and creation. Watch the movie Legend. It had a huge influence on me growing up, particularly Tim Curry’s line where he describes the power of the female as Creation. Since then I have identified myself as not merely an artist or a writer, but a creator.

I strongly identify with the element of fire. The rapidash is a fire elemental unicorn. One earring in the right ear to symbolize my mother, two in the left for my children. A choker with an ankh around the neck to symbolize my belief in some form of eternal existence, inset with a yin yang to represent my belief in living a balanced life and practicing moderation in all things.



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